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I live in Annecy, an amazingly beautiful town in the Southeastern corner of France, with my husband and three children.  The mountains and the lake inspire me to be active, whether it's hiking, walking, cycling, winter sports, paddleboarding or open water swimming.  

I used to be extreme about fitness, food and trying to fit too much into my life. For me, it took a personal meltdown to change. I’ve lived in six countries on four continents, and yet it is France’s philosophy of moderation (without deprivation) and keeping wellbeing simple that has inspired me the most. I’ve gained more peace of mind, a healthier body, and the ability to focus on the important things in my life!

I am a keen advocate of sit-down family meals, healthy school lunches, outdoor family activities, and keeping life simple. I try to encourage women of all ages, sizes, shapes and levels of fitness to embrace their wellness journey and love their able bodies. Personally, my wellbeing journey is far from perfect, but consistency (and going easy on myself) is key. Inspiring those around me (without competing) is what I offer friends and readers.

I hope you'll join me and the community of thousands of women here who inspire one another!  Below are some ideas to get started on my site.  A bientot!

Rebeca Plantier

The best in life is a balance between pleasure and wellbeing.  France taught me this over the years.  And now Rebeca will teach you!

Laura Calder, Author "Paris Express" & Food Channel host

As a nutritionist I teach women how to eat healthy, delicious food to obtain optimum wellbeing.  Rebeca eloquently describes how we do this in France!

Maia Baudelaire, nutritionist & founder of France's #1 weight loss center

Feeding your family delicious, healthy food doesn't have to be complicated.  Rebeca outlines the essentials and teaches you how French women do it!

Camille Labro, French journalist Le Monde, food blogger, author