Tired of diets, extreme fitness plans that never last & obsessing over your body?   

Lessons From France

Our book Lessons From France teaches you how the French feel great, look great and slim down without extremes!

  • Learn how to eat.  The French never starve and enjoy amazing food.  The key is in their eating behaviors.
  • Learn what to eat.  France is famous for amazing food.  Healthy eating can be simple and delicious.  We promise you won't starve or eat plain lettuce!           
  • Learn how to move.  You don't need to work out like a fiend, spend hours at the gym or buy expensive equipment.  The French have simplified fitness to make it effective and enjoyable!       

Why should you listen to us?

  • 60 years experience!  Between the 3 of us we've lived in France for  60+ years (and still do)!  We got married here, had children, worked, travelled and speak French fluently.  This is not about a summer nanny job or a year in Provence.  We're the real deal!
  • Fitter than ever!  We may be in our 40s and 50s, but we're lighter, slimmer, and more toned than we were in our 20s.  Hence the reason we believe this is the lifestyle for us!       
  • We failed everything!   We're not too proud to admit trying every imaginable diet out there! Nor will we deny being extreme on fitness (in both directions).  But we've discovered a far healthier,  more enjoyable way to live!
  • Millions of readers! We are journalists and authors and have been read by millions around the world (Vogue, Elle, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, French TV and many, many more).
  • Our friends are experts!  Literally.  From celebrity chefs and nutritionists to french food journalists and fitness experts, we asked them all to contribute to our book.  And some of our closest friends give us the the inside scoop on how French women think (dieting, fitness, life in general).       

In our e-book "Lessons From France" we teach you everything we've learned!

Food is your friend!

Stop demonizing food and start enjoying it!  To get yourself and your family healthy, we teach you how to eat real, whole foods that are a cinch to prepare (who has time to slave away in the kitchen?)! 

Fitness isn't torture or time-consuming!

Forget gyms, expensive equipment and any gimmicks on TV.  We are busy moms and professionals but are fitter than ever in our 40s and 50s than ever before.  We'll teach you how and why!

Love your body now!

No matter what their shape, weight or age, French women pamper themselves, dress for their body type and "own" their unique look.  Stop wasting your time on self-hate and do like the French!

"The best life is a balance between pleasure and well-being.  France taught me how to do this.  And now Lessons From France teaches you too!"

Laura Calder, celebrity TV chef, best-selling cookbook author of "Paris Express"

"As a nutritionist, I teach women how to eat healthy, delicious food to obtain optimum well-being. Allowing yourself treats is essential too! Lessons From France tells you how to do it!"

Maia Baudelaire, leading French nutritionist and founder of number one French online weightloss center for women

"Feeding your family delicious, healthy food doesn't have to be complicated or take the whole day. Lessons From France outlines the essentials and teaches you how French women do it!"

Camille Labro, French journalist Le Monde newspaper, food blogger and author

"A good workout doesn't have to involve two hours in the gym or grueling activity. French women have it figured out.  Lessons From France explains how they do it ... and keep so fit!"

Michele Gordon, Personal trainer, founder Miss Motivational, author, motivational speaker

Stop obsessing about dieting and weight and learn to increase your wellbeing & enjoy life today!